ICON 101 (Part 3): The People & Team

The Organizations Behind ICON


ICON Foundation



ICX Station(s)

  • An entity focused on providing private blockchains (ICONLOOP)
  • A project dedicated to building a public blockchain (ICON Foundation)
  • A joint venture between ICON and a tech giant (UnChain)
  • A high-level accelerator to help projects building on ICON get off the ground (DeBlock)
  • A series of accelerators helping projects get off the ground around the world (ICX Station)

The People Behind ICON

The ICON Foundation Council

  • They all have extended experience working in the technology sector prior to their work on ICON, typically at high levels.
  • They all have experience working either directly for, or with, partners of ICONLOOP, so they understand possible needs for blockchain.
  • They all have degrees from top-tier schools, including advanced degrees in some cases (while education doesn’t always mean everything, it’s encouraging to see a team with a strong academic pedigree)


Closing Thoughts



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