ICON Master Roadmap

  • (OMM) Smart contract audit
  • (OMM) Guarded Mainnet launch
  • (OMM) Full Mainnet launch
  • (Balanced) Mainnet launch
  • (ICON 2.0) Alpha version release
  • (ICONbet) DAOholdem Release
  • (ICONbet) DAOslots Release
  • (Project Nebula) v1 Launch
  • (Craft) Launch
  • (Orbit Bridge) Integration
  • (EPICX) Launch
  • (Balanced) Finished testnet product
  • (Balanced) Smart contract audit
  • (ICONbet) DAOwar Release
  • (ICONbet) DAOplinko Release
  • (Bridge) Launch
  • Launch of ICON Contribution Proposal Fund (CPF)
  • (OMM) Governance tools
  • (ICON 2.0) Data migration completion
  • (ICONbet) DAOsports
  • (ICONbet) DAOpools
  • (BountyCat) Launch
  • (ICONbet) DAO3card
  • (ICONbet) DAOraces



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ICON contributor and analyst, ready to hyperconnect the world. Twitter: @iconographerICX