Now that DPASS is available, what does it do?

ICON DID (Decentralized Identifier), a decentralized identity authentication system based on the ICON public blockchain, has been developed as a live service. ICONLOOP’s ‘DPASS’ is a mobile application for a ‘Decentralized Passport’. This is a global authentication service that realizes the concept of ‘integrated identity’ and ‘Self-Sovereign’ using the ICON DID standards. It is expected that the convenience of using blockchain services will be greatly improved when DPASS is integrated with a variety of on/offline services.

Blockchain identity verification
Securely deliver necessary information.

Consolidate fragmented information into one place
Manage various certificates in one application.

Stop worrying about information leakage
Securely store and retrieve your personal information.

One ID, Use diversely
Use various kinds of services such as certification, access control.

Based on the ICON public blockchain network, ‘broof(’ supports certificate issuance, storage, and prevention of falsification. The issuing authorities can reduce the cost of issuing and storing paper documents without having to create a separate database system. Meanwhile, recipients can easily receive and view their blockchain based certificates anywhere and anytime.

“The Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Citizens Hall, POSTECH and Studypie have already used the blockchain certificate issuance service to appoint members and issue blockchain graduation certificates to students.”

ICONLOOP developed mobile letters of appointment for the Seoul Blockchain Governance Team. The letter can be issued and viewed through a Governance Team member’s personal cell phone (emphasis mine). A Governance Team member can issue a letter of appointment with a name, member identification number and membership terms after accepting the terms and conditions. Letter of appointment issuance records are stored on the ICON public blockchain, making falsification and fake issuance impossible. Authenticity of the record can be verified in the ICON Tracker by searching for a specific transaction.

Simply put, certificate issuances can occur when the listed data from the issuing authority corresponds with the requestor’s input data. “Once the issuing authority (company or institution) sets the approved recipient list, issuance period, and a URL, the recipient can access the URL and enter their name and password to obtain the certificate without going through other lengthy procedures.”

ICONLOOP aligns DPASS with ‘broof’, a blockchain-based certificate issuing service developed by ICONLOOP, enabling DPASS to store various blockchain-based certificates immune to fraud and counterfeit. And broof would not be the only case — DPASS will align with many online and offline services aiming to enhance the usability of blockchain services. ICONLOOP has been continuing conversation with ICON’s partner companies so that many DApps operating on the public network of ICON can also use DPASS.




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