What’s the value of ICONbet’s TAP token?

  • The odds are written into the smart contract, meaning you can verify whether or not the odds are as the casino says they are, and they also can’t be adjusted without users seeing the changes. In a traditional casino, it’s easy for the house to adjust the odds on a slot machine without anyone knowing it just got harder to win.
  • With everything written into a smart contract, a centralized entity cannot block or restrict funds or withdrawals. There are plenty of instances of online casinos blocking the withdrawal of funds for users, for various reasons. With the right smart contract in place, this can’t happen.
  • By allowing payment with cryptocurrency, blockchain gambling reduces the friction that many may encounter as a result of local regulatory or banking issues surrounding online gambling.

What exactly is TAP?

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the ICONBet’s equity token, TAP.


As alluded to above, one of the benefits of owning the TAP token is the right to participate in governance of the platform.

Dividend distribution

Now that you have your 50,000 TAP, what will that allow you to earn?

So what is that TAP really worth?

How exactly do we attempt to value the TAP token?



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